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I have nor ever will ever like Elliot and all his pesonal Problems He brings to Deadliest Catch...This Show is not a Soap Opera, It's about Real Men Fishing for Crab and the Danger in it! Put the Cornelia Marie back on where the real Men are. Finish Capt. Phil's story...Josh worked so hard and He must be given a chance...He's a Real Man. I have watched these boys grow into young strong Men NOW GIVE THEM THEIR CHANCE!!!!

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I agree totally. I can't stand Elliott. I'm speaking off the top of my head here, but since Discovery knows the popularity of the Harris' and the Cornelia Marie, I'm betting Josh asked for too much money from Deadliest Catch and they weren't willing to give it to him. That's just a guess on my part. But it's a slap in the face to all the fans who have been waiting for the CM's return not to feature it on the coming season.

Of course, another explanation could be that they are deceiving us, leaking the info that the Cornelia Marie won't be on and then suddenly, surprise...there it is.

Joe,  with fishing anything can happen and things change sometimes daily.  Just because they say the CM won't be on the show, doesn't mean it's written in stone; I hope things change too.  Who knows what the future brings...  I'd love to see them do well.  :)

    But this has nothing to do with has everything to do with a TV show. And unless Discovery had planned it well in advance, CM won't be on the show. There are cameras to be placed on the boat, staff and producers to be assigned, etc.   CM won't be featured on the show at this point unless that decision had already been made. So, yeah, it kind of is written in stone.

    Unless they just aren't telling us -- at this point in time -- it's probably too late to add the CM in for King Crab season. The boats are up in there in Dutch Harbor just waiting on their permits to get going.

    Our best bet is to watch Marine Traffic. In past years, the DC fleet has sailed around in groups so they can film various shots a day or two before they actually leave for fishing. If we see the CM within that group, we will know.

Ah, don't blame poor Elliott, not a lot he can do with such a poor script.  Perhaps some new writers for next season might be in order. 


I agree 100% 

Well, Josh asked for something they wouldn't give him. Whether it was privacy or money or whatever we may never know. They didn't seem to part on unfriendly terms so hopefully he can be on the bait or after the catch or something like that. Maybe it's for the best that for his first year he can concentrate on getting a routine down and his crew in order and giving Jake the attention he needs in private. The bigger worry than any TV show is the fact that none of them can fish. Poor Josh just got the funds together to go fishing and now it's being blown on mooring fees, fuel for generators and I don't know what else. What a disappointment and frustration that must be for him! I hope it doesn't break the bank for him.

As of 8:45pm Pacific Time, most of the boats are on the move. Time Bandit, Northwestern, Cape Caution, Seabrooke are all on the move. Wizard and Cornelia Marie are still docked. I suspect the Wizard is lagging behind because Keith just got back from Washington.

Don't know where they are heading as I haven't heard anything about them getting their permits, but this may be what I mentioned earlier - manuevers to shoot scenes for Deadliest Catch...

Yup, Wizard is now out sailing around with the others just outside of the Dutch Harbor area...Cornelia Marie remains docked. I think that's pretty much evidence that the CM won't be on the least not for King Crab season...they do this every year to get shots of the boats.

I would love to see the CM on the show and they just take off the Seabrooke and Elliot.  I can't stand either one of them.  Between Elliott and his problems and the other one's nasty behavior and lying nature, I could use both of them going. 

I totally agree Kitty...Elliot and Jr. both need to go! It would be so exciting to see the Cornelia Marie back on Deadliest Catch...They are truely making a big mistake by not putting the CM back on the show...There is still more to Capt. Phil's story and it must be finished! God Bless Josh and the Cornelia Marie!


I think Josh not being on the show this year is the right thing to do. This is his first year as an owner. (I forgot, is he captain this year? If so, that's a first too.) The last thing he needs as a new owner is the added pressure of the reality show.

Hopefully this doesn't mean he's gone for good. Maybe we'll see him on The Bait. Maybe we'll see him on the actual show, just not during the actual fishing. Maybe he'll be back next season, once he's actually got a season under his belt without the distractions.

It's not the same without the CM, but things happen for a reason.

yes josh was the captain and had a good  red crab season boat is laid up in dutch harbour crew on way home will be back for snow crab season



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