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I have nor ever will ever like Elliot and all his pesonal Problems He brings to Deadliest Catch...This Show is not a Soap Opera, It's about Real Men Fishing for Crab and the Danger in it! Put the Cornelia Marie back on where the real Men are. Finish Capt. Phil's story...Josh worked so hard and He must be given a chance...He's a Real Man. I have watched these boys grow into young strong Men NOW GIVE THEM THEIR CHANCE!!!!

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Great to hear and as always thanks for sharing. Great great news.
It's great news. I hope Jake is doing better. I really miss Phil on the show. Loved his humor and how well he got along with the boys.

What I have seen of this Elliot fella does not impress me one iota. It's not the fact that his personal life resembles a jerry springer show, it is his seemingly total-disregard for his crews safety and welfare that boils my noodles. He comes across as a selfish, immature brat and I would be amazed if most of his crew haven't left for a new skipper for 2014.

Hard to argue with anything you say gotta agree.
Isn't it nice to learn Elliott is smoking heroine and spending his discovery money on drugs? Just the hero we want for our kids. Get rid of him!!!!

How entertaining would the show be with nothing but likable captains on it? I wouldn't want to work for Elliot, but he does provide contrast to the veteran captains who know what they are doing. I just have to wonder what the crew of the Saga think of their captain, off the record. I read an article a long time ago (unfortunately I don't remember where it was located) that stated that Elliot's boat was last choice among the Discovery Channel crews because it was considered the most dangerous boat they work on - largely because of Elliot.

We now have the Cornelia Marie back, but there apparently isn't a lot happening there. It's a nice story, but not one of the more entertaining boats to watch right now, to be honest.


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