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Discovery finished airing Shark Week.  And it was awesome.  After 25 years it still takes my breath away to see the sharks up close and personal.  This year they did a couple of special shows that highlighted some of the past hosts of shark week.  There were segments with Mike Rowe, Survivorman Les Stroud, the Mythbusters and even those two from Duel Survival Cody and Dave, if I saw correctly.  But absent from this illustrious group were our DC captains and crewmen.  How awesome would it to see the captains fishing for something other than crab.  Wouldn't it be something to watch Keith Colburn diving and swimming with the whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea.  Or maybe the Hillstrands could hunt great whites off the coast of Massachusetts and tag them for science.  And how about putting Elliot and Jr in a shark cage somewhere off the coast of Australia and see what they find...or what finds them.  I can't think of any better hosts than men who have an and understanding and love for the seas and oceans of our planet.  But hey, I am just a little old homemaker from the midwest, what do I know...

LOL Jeriann!! I've been watching Shark week too - holy cow that colossus shark !?!?!  One mean dude I wouldn't want to swim into. I have to say amazing footage once again by Discovery's production crew, watched on guy go out on super small float to get a shot - you couldn't get me on that thing with sharks that jump out of the water swimming around!

I would love to see Capt Bill's fishing down in Mexico, you can bet that has to be a wild time. As for Elliott in a shark cage..why waste the cage? LOL...sorry Elliott fans!

One show I would love to see it a show about what is floating up in the US and up in Alaska from the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  My understanding they are having a display at the CFF on all the stuff floating ashore. I wonder what kind of effect all of it is having on the environment and on the shores too.

Good one MaryBeth!! Now that I think of it, that would make an awesome show! It would be very interesting and yet sad. As far as I know, there is already catastrophic debris floating ashore in Hawai'i somewhere. Imagine swimming in Paradise in turquoise clear water and having a big, oil soaked, smelly smart-car wash up next to you? Or raw sewerage? UGH! I don't want to even think about it. Oh...BTW...I think Capt. Elliott is absolutely gorgeous! Yeah, he whines a lot, but I can get him to shut up! I bet if you get a few beers in him, he's hilarious to sit and talk to!! LOL!! The shark cage is next, then!

Yes, Mary Beth that would be an interesting show.  I would be interested to know if all that trash from Japan is having an impact on the west coast fishing industry as well as tourism.  I found and posted and article a couple of months ago about the boat that drifted into the shipping lanes near Alaska and I have read where storage containers have washed ashore in Washington state carrying things like motorcycles. Could you imagine stumbling onto something like that on a beach near CFF.  

eeek! Guess I'll be finding out soon! LOL... I remember seeing a news piece about a part of a dock that washed up on a beach in Oregon from Japan. It was covered with non-native water species from Japan that if allowed in the waters of the NW could devastate the fishing up there. They steamed the whole deck killing all the animals and were deciding on how to dispose of the dock - in a land fill or tow it back out and sink it. Then I saw another one on all the debris along the shores of Alaska, the beaches were filled with garbage from the tsunami and just plastic trash in general. Just so sad to see what we are doing to our earth, no wonder mother nature is fighting back at us!!!

I agree, ladies. This totally makes me feel so bad, because I'm also wondering about all of the plant life and underwater sea life and all the mammals and animals that got caught in this Mother Nature Warning. I'm afraid that you guys are going to get hit HARD with debris and destruction. I could be wrong, though. I just can imagine the devastation to all of the marine life as it floats along. If it does affect the crabbing industry we will not know to what extent. MaryBeth, what exactly would happen to the Industry if it gets hit by all this debris? What would all the guys wind up doing then? Just curious.  Oh, BTW, I think that the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami was just a warning from Mother Nature. The way we've been beating her up, I think she just may have another disaster in store for us! Hope not!!  =^..^= 

I wouldn't be surprised by a harsh winter this year, last year out east it was downright warm all season. Mother Nature has a way of putting us in our place!

Good question Daniella - not sure what they would do, except do what they did last year - go for a different catch. Since the red king quota was sliced in half - some went for blue.  Not sure what will happen this year, they haven't released the quotas yet. Once I get the press releases I'll post what they send out. Will be interesting to see what happens. I know that global warming has Red King rising higher up in the waters and going into places they have never been for feeding grounds. Which is killing off other species...a sort of domino effect. I'll have to hop on the Alaska Fish & Game site to see what might be coming down. I don't think the debris will effect the boats, but I bet they will see stuff floating around the sea. Although if its floating and big enough it could damage the boat if it collides with something. I sure hope not!

PS - just check AF&G, nothing on king but 25 boats are pre-registered for 2012-2013 Bristol Bay Red King and only Time Bandit from DC is registered right now. Its still early, usually they all start popping up around the first of September.

Thanx lovey for writing back. Yeah, I really am anticipating of what's to come. I'm praying that the "debris clump" doesn't touch base ALL. UGH! Could you imagine that? Hopefully, Mother Nature will spare us. Every now and then she throws in a "Spare"..LOL! Well, let's wait and see what comes up next. I really miss ALL the guys. Hope they are having a ball and enjoying life. They deserve it.  =^..^=


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