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Hi All,

I have just received the following by email;


Since you signed up for this website,, I want you to be among the first to know about a special Cornelia Marie project.  I haven't even blogged about it or mentioned it on Facebook yet.

I just launched a campaign to produce a Cornelia Marie Book.  Many of the "rewards" for helping fund the book include my limited supply of existing Cornelia Marie gear.  They won't last long, so if you want some gear in time for Christmas, please visit this page.

Once this campaign goes public I promise you the gear will be gone.  Also, there's some other cool items on this book campaign I think you'll enjoy and want to be a part of - please check it out!  For instance, one item I am really proud of is the Cornelia Marie pen made out of the deck boards of the boat.  I only have a few hundred of these available!

Thank you for supporting the Cornelia Marie!



Is this legit and does any of the potential income go to the CM??

I would love to support this for the right reason.


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I believe it is legit.  I also received an email and I watched the video and read the blog.  The video is very convincing, his reasons for the book and his cost breakdown. I want to own this one of a kind book and am hoping enough fans will agree to support it.  A Chronicle of the Cornelia Marie's history, and its people, the tv show and etc.  CM Devin's son, Morgan Howard,  wants to see if enough people are interested and will help to fund this project.    I hadn't realized he is the one who has been answering our questions on the Cornelia Marie website, face book, tweets.  He says that Josh and Jake Harris are now in full ownership of the Cornelia Marie and it's future is in their hands.  He says some have written these two boys off and is hoping this will be a kick start of a kind for them. 

I am a little leary of this site as I don't really know who it is and will it go to CM or where?  I would love to purchase some of the items.

Morgan Howard is Cornelia Marie Devin's eldest son.  Cornelia Marie and Phil Harris owned the boat together.  The video should answer your questions.

Kickstarter has been around for quite some time providing a way for smaller production companies and individuals to fundraise for projects. With every project there are risk, but you never know - you might just get the funding you need.

It's a leap of faith in the person behind the project, and I know Morgan is a man of his word. He and his family have owned the CM from the beginning, and a history book of the CM would be a wonderful addition to any library. The money goes for producing and printing the book, not the boat it self. As for the items you get for your donation - they are gifts and not available anywhere else right now. I have already donated to the project and have full trust that Morgan will produce an awesome book, one which I can't wait to get! 

Mary Beth

Hi Mary Beth,

Appreciate your wealth of knowledge and perspective.

Looks like CM gear me.



As usual, Mary Beth you are right on with the accuracy of your information.  For years, Phil and I talked about doing books.  He wanted to do one based on his life and I wanted to do one surrounding the boat, the show and the industry.  It's taken me a long time to get to this point. 

The CM is entering a new chapter as it moves from my family to the Harris family.  The book will be my final contribution and I want it to be the best it can be.  I put a lot of hard work into so far and I think you all will love it!


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