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Ok, I am only going to say two words, and then we'd love to hear what you all have to say....


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Awwwww, man. Jake, we love you, we miss you. I miss you. If you need extra strength, you always have us! ALL of us, from Josh, Jake A., Sig, your whole crew, and your devoted FANS. Remember: there's power in numbers! We have your back. We miss your loud laugh, which comes from your heart, and makes the corners of your eyes crinkle up! And, we miss your smile, your perfect toothpaste commercial smile! This is just a quick check-in to let you know that we are thinking about you, kiddo.  =^..^=





I'm sitting here on the computer watching Deadliest Catch; the one where most of the boats have shut down for a month or two, and I have to say I'm honestly really bothered about something.  Can someone tell me why it seems like a lot of people are giving up on Jake Harris?  To be fair there are also people who haven't given up on him (like me) but it just seems like a lot more people are poo-pooing him instead of supporting him.  Yes things are looking bleak at the moment but that doesn't mean he won't come back and get his head on his shoulders like his brother Josh.  I understand Jake H. is dealing with a LOT right now, as is everyone else, but he needs to find a way to do what he needs to do to get better and join his brother in the wheel house of their own boat.  Whether it's the CM or not I have no idea.  It breaks my heart to see Jake H. like this but I have so much faith he will beat whatever is going on and come back strong.  He has to. He can do it I know he can!  Jake and Josh if you come across this post please know that your dad is watching over you both always.  Like daniellareid said "we are thinking about you Jake and praying for you.

Miss Mary....such true words. I'm heartbroken, Miss Mary....he's been taking "sleep breaks" at any time, his face looks so long, his skin is getting bad and he hasn't been shaving. The bad thing is that Sig may be will take the crew members, if they get fed up with Jake's actions, that they will overthrow him and kick him off the vessel. He looks beat up. On the episode where Josh  goes to surprise visit Jake, Jake looked like he just woke up, he looked like little boy, lit a few cigs, and drank out of a food-canning jar which had a cloudy and white juice. To me, it looked like the alcoholic beverage Mike's Hard Lemonade. ALL Jake wants is to BE with Josh, gear up another FV with Josh, but Josh didn't look happy. He even tried to say to Jake that maybe Jake can get an FV of his own and start a new life. In other words, I feel that Josh is listening to his Capt. Johnathan's speech on letting Jake go on and break away from the intense depressing feelings that Jake is going trough. Johnathan basically told Josh to "let go, and worry about yourself now." Alright, people seem to be giving up on him because of his "reputation" of being a drug addict. This pisses me off because I say: "OK EVERYBODY! THAT WAS LAST YEAR! THIS IS THIS YEAR SO GET OVER IT ALREADY!!" When Jake A. joked around with him on deck, poor Jake H. turned to him and said, "Yo, bro...why didn't you guys tell me then? How come no one said anything until now? I needed the emotional back-up then?"  Oh, Miss Mary, I hope he makes it! I am rooting for him! I simply ADORE him. If he ever reached out to me, I would be a solid foundation that he can stand on, give him as much emotional support and love that he needed, and recover himself in HIS time. Oh I have FAITH that he'll DO it, but I don't think he will be doing it HAPPILY. If he doesn't want to take care of himself, how can he take care of his FV? He may need to take a break for a while. JACOB HARRIS!! If you are reading this, just know that I absolutely ADORE you! Remember that if you need anything I am here, and that you are VERY well loved.... =^..^=

I think Jake will come out fine when all is said and done. He lost his Dad, he lost his boat, he's been thru rehab and there is emotion he has to confront and deal with. He is away from his boat and his brother. I am praying for him. I know he can do it! The guys on the NW could maybe instead of poking at him, to help him up and be a friend, help him, his depression is obvious. Hang in there Jacob, it will all work out!

after seeing revelations, all I can say is seeing Jake like that made my heart hurt, I hope he gets the help he needs, he looked much worse than before. Josh go do the boat thing and Jacob, get help!


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