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The main photo area on the forum is mainly for Deadliest Catch, Boat, and Water related photos.  That is what other forum members are looking for when they browse through that area.  When a lot of personal photos invade that area other forum members start contacting the mods to ask that they be moved.


We just wanted to clarify the Photo Posting Procedure for the forum.  The software isn't very plain in its explanation for posting and we often find photos that should remain personal revealed in the general forum.  (oops!) 


TO POST PHOTOS ON YOUR PERSONAL PAGE:  Go to:  Settings, then Privacy, then "My blog, photos and videos can be viewed by..."  PLEASE CHOOSE "Just my friends" or "Just me"    If you choose "anyone" they are posted in the general pics and everyone can then view them


A good thing to do after posting photos you wanted to be private is to go to the main Photo area and make sure you can't see them there.


Update:  2.10.11 - If you've been contacted and asked to move pictures but haven't replied or complied, please do not take it personally if we remove your photos form this area.  Doing so is in the interest of the other forum members.  Thanks!


Update 4.12.2011 - Only repost photos that are yours to share. If they are borrowed, state that it is borrowed from ________, and link back to it giving them the credit for their photo.  Better yet, if possible, ask the person beforehand AND link back to it. 

Please read:  Pay special attention to the summary. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact us! 



Kim Shira, Moderator

Helen R., Moderator/Administrator

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Not everyone has read this apparently.  I just noticed that people are posting non Deadliest Catch photos again.  No offense but I would rather look at a DC related picture than a picture of complete and total strangers.  Could we please do something to stop this.
Lol.... so the guy who has like 6 pictures of himself in different hats would fall into this category? lol

Every day or so I go through the photos.  If something is really objectionable I remove it right away and contact the member.  It takes a little time to figure out how our picture posting works.  We all had to figure it out when we joined.  I have been contacting the people who post personal pictures and giving them the link showing how to move them to their own private page.  If they haven't been moved in a couple days or so then I delete the photos.

The gentleman with the hats  I believe you are refering to is from another country and probably doesn't speak english all that well.  I have contacted him too.  If anyone finds pics that are objectionable or personal and should be on a private page, feel free to send me a message here on the forum.  I will gladly take care of it.  No need for anyone to be upset.


Whether it be problems with photos, in the chatroom, or elsewhere in the forum, PLEASE feel free to contact the mods.  We're here to help.  We can't do that if we're not contacted.  (For those who do contact us, thanks; it is deeply appreciated)  :)



Helen R. - Administrator

Kim Shira - Moderator



Lol i definitely never found them objectional. I found them funny because if I sat on chat they would all pop up in a row right next to the chat screen. Same guy. Same hats. Continuously rotated. I definitely understand the language barrier and having people move them to their personal pages. You're doing an awesome job Helen and Kim! I was just laughing because I had never read this forum post before and immediately thought of the hat wearing gentlemen as a perfect example. Keep up the good work ladies:)
Thanks Tianna!  I was just saying that when something IS objectionable it is removed.  We get some scarey pics sometimes that people think they've put in a private folder...  :)
Thanks Helen and Kim
Helen, I set my privacy on my blogs/photos to "friends only".  I'm still seeing them when I look at all the photos.  Would one of you ladies please check this.  I'm relatively new to posting and uploading pictures here.  Sorry if I messed up :-(
Do you mean you're seeing everyone elses photos/blogs too... not just your friends? The friend's only means that only your friends can see what YOU do. You will always be able to see everyone elses stuff even if they're not your friends.
I figured it out.  I went through all the photos I uploaded and set most of them to friends only.  I left a few to everyone.  If that's ok with Helen.

Kim thanks for the welcome.  I have gotten several and they make me feel great and also very welcome to this group.    I stay on the road alot and don't get to my computer everyday, but when I do it fun to see what is happening on the Catch.  Again thanks.



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