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We love Jake H., we all love him. With all that's happened and is happening, I don't feel like he's EVER had the chance long enough to grieve....

How do you feel? Do you think he's had enough time to get over the death of his Dad, losing the CM F/V and being separated from his best friend...his brother Josh? Or, do you feel like he should "get over it already"?

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He needs time to grieve but he shouldn't be using drugs or whatever to get over it.

Well, the last episode was months ago, when Jake A. got married. Jake H. was in the audience, and we only had a glimpse of him. He seemed "ok". So far it all comes down to "yes" or "no", if he's still using. I can't really tell. Either way, I'm heartbroken, because on top of it all, he's walking on egg shells with his new crew and Capt. I just adore him, and want to bear-hug him. He has to help himself, though...

I agree with Lisa. Jake H. Still should grieve but IF he is
Using drugs, especially to help cope with his dad's passing he needs to stop. He can't quit cold turkey but he needs to ween himself off them and work towards bettering himself. I'm sure everyone noticed jake admitted on several occasions that he's an addict. He has taken the first step towards recovery. Now jake just needs to fight the battle and win. I wish with all my heart I could take him aside and talk to him face to face. It's hurting me, and others as well, to see him this way and not be able to help him. Helen, Bonnie someone anyone please tell Jake we love him and want him to get better! :o)

Jake H has chosen to be a loser.  He is playing on the fans' sympathy.  In ten years he will be the same immature, drug addict that he is.  I hope Josh does not let Jake drag him down.  There is nothing Josh can do to save Jake, Jake has to do it himself.  Everyone has offered Jake support and if he hasn't taken that support by now, he never will.  Judging from the marks on his face, I fear he is now into meth.  I wish it weren't so, but it is Jake's choices that has made me so disillusioned with him.  

W O W  that's pretty harsh, don't you think??  I pray to God none of your family ever has a drug or substance problem, you would be the last one in the world I would want to counsel a person who has an ILLNESS.  Praying your family stays well and never becomes a "weakling" with an honest to God illness that can be treated.  You'd probably throw them to the curb because they weren't perfect.  Don't give up, Jake, there are millions of us who love you and are praying for your continued recovery.

Wow that's just so sad. My heart is breaking right now. :( IS sad. Now that the show is on Season break, we won't be able to get weekly updates of Jake H., like we were getting with the new Episodes. But, then again, it's not like he was getting a lot of airtime/camera time as the end of the Season came, so. I'm very curious to see how Deadliest Catch handles the Season break and what exactly we'll be watching? Now, it's just a waiting period.  =^..^=

For me personally, I will never ever give up hope on Jake Harris.  I was searching the web for any updates about Jake's health, I know nothing major will have happened between the taping of ATC and now but I looked anyway, and I came across several comments where people were making bets on when Jake would die "I give him a year, I give him a week, I give him six months. I bet you $500 Jake lives for one more season of Deadliest Catch" etc.  THAT right there just made me cry. How sad is that?!  Come on people that's just going too far.

Sorry I had to let that out, it was really getting to me.  Anyways, Jake misses his dad and the way things were on the CM with his father and his brother.  The guy is basically homesick and depressed about it, but that's just what I think.   Jake, I wish you well please get better so you can own a boat with your brother and make your dad proud! :o)

WELL! Isn't THAT horrible!!?? People putting "bets on his head"? Now that's just sick! I'm glad you let it out! Now I know how effed up people are and how they love watching other people fail and suffer!! Could you imagine how he would feel, or DOES feel about reading this BS? Those types of people have no-life or are low-life! NO one should wish that on someone! UGH!! =^..^=

it is very sick and it's hurtful to Jake, to Josh AND to Phil :o(  I literally cried.  Jake is a human being just like the rest of us.  He makes/made/will make mistakes and so will the rest of us, myself included.  No one is perfect; again myself included.  Right now I'm just.....sad.....really sad....

Each person must grieve in their own way & time.  Some take longer than others & some never get over it.  I still have trouble with my mother's death.  I saw her dying when I was 10 & I'm now 55.  

Having said that...I think Jake has other issues.  Just before Phil's death Jake confessed his drug addiction to Phil.  It is my belief Jake is struggling with guilt & blame.  He blames himself for "causing" the stroke.  Now he uses to "forget".  He needs some sort of intervention & counselling to get past this.  I felt that way when my father died & it took almost 3 years to come to terms with it.

I also believe Jake is using meth.  My oldest son is a recovering addict.  His face looked just like Jake's does now.  My prayers are for Jake to get the help he needs to overcome these problems.  

Oh, and Darlene Lange...he's NOT a loser, he's an addict!  BIG difference!

Tess! I absolutely loved what you wrote! You called it as you saw it! I'm happy that you also explained how people grieve in different manners and different ways and different time frames. And you did this WITHOUT insulting him, Jake H. You've been there and you described your experience with recovery. That takes GUTS to share that with us all. Good for you and I am so happy to hear that your oldest is on the road to recovery. I'm sure that he knows he is very well loved. Thank you Tess! Darlene, you lost out on this one. =^..^=




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