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We love Jake H., we all love him. With all that's happened and is happening, I don't feel like he's EVER had the chance long enough to grieve....

How do you feel? Do you think he's had enough time to get over the death of his Dad, losing the CM F/V and being separated from his best friend...his brother Josh? Or, do you feel like he should "get over it already"?

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I agree Trent!  I think Josh getting & staying clean would be the best tribute to Phil & he would be SO proud!  All we as fans can do is continue to hope & pray for Josh's recovery. 

Jake is one of millions of people suffering from a disease that is not visible.  No broken bones or bleeding.  He maintained secretely until his dad called him out.  The compassion Phil showed him was incredible.  Unfortunately Phil's stroke happened at the same time.  If Jake would understand one thing, it was Phil was always very open about his love of life.  All of this was happening under the eyes of the Discovery Channel.

I am a recovering alcoholic and could not begin to recover with all eyes aware of my attempt.  He came to Palm Springs, CA, but I believe he did not give himself enough time to recover from drugs, including grieving. I feel he was in a rush to get back to crabbing.

I feel if he is really going to make it at what ever he chooses to do, he will have to be on his own, working with professionals helping him to become his own man

I don't think he had enough time to grieve or to complete a rehab program.  He admitted to his dad he had a problem with pain pills. I don't like speculations of other addictions unless I hear it from a reputable source.  As shown on T.V., I recognized the rehab facility he went to.  These programs are very intensive, taking a long time to learn new ways of living, and in Jake's case, dealing with his dad's death.   He was back fishing the next season.  I feel he left way too soon.

I don't think he is as mature as Josh (he is younger).  Josh has grown and shown interest in learning all he can.  Jake seemed lost on the Northwestern, even though he had a great role model in Jake Anderson.  They have a lot in common about grieving.  Jake H seemed lost and even depressed.  Sleeping so much is a way to escape.

Sadly, I feel Josh has to go after his own dream.  When Jake is ready and is an asset, I feel Josh will welcome him with open arms.

Unless you have been in Jake's boots, no one has the right to tell him "get over it already"


I feel that Jake never matured enough to deal with most of what has been thrown right at him. His own father catches him red-handed stealing painkillers and goes completely ballistic, then shortly thereafter suffers a fatal stroke. Everyone that tried to help him out was pretty much ignored, then a new captain in his father's command chair tries to get him locked up. Add to that the fact that he may never see his father's boat again and his own brother is more or less prepared to go on without him and I have a funny feeling that we may never see Jake Harris as a fisherman again. I was looking at the current information on the Northwestern yesterday and he is not listed as a member of this year's crew. I hope he manages to survive and come out of this a stronger man than he's been showing us.

Hi All.  Can't keep it bottled up anymore.  I feel for Jake H as if he were my own son.  Actually, I'm probably old enough to be the mother of most of "our" DC crew & captains! Jake A reached out to him.  I just wish we could have seen/heard the whole conversation because I'm sure Discovery edited a lot out or the cameraman was not present for most of it.  Jake H could probably learn a lot from Jake A who has had a lot of demons to deal with even before the untimely death of his father ... imagine being on a crab boat with all that entails and dealing with the suspicion that your father has been murdered! Nightmare on the Bering Sea.  Phil's words, when he told Jake he had to get clean and Jake said he wanted to go to rehab, haunt me  ... "and I'll be there with you" ... and then he lost Phil.  And yes, I too feel that Jake blames himself for his dad's death and inadvertently through this losing the CM.  I wanted to reach into the TV and throw that miserable captain overboard when he went after Jake!  Mamma Bear instincts kicked in big time!  Jake needs an anchor in his life ... someone who will say I am here just for you and really mean it - be there in good and bad, and listen, without judging, to what he has on his mind, no matter how unrelated to his problems it is.  Maybe the best thing for Jake at this time is to sign into rehab long term ... even Josh went after him on ATC and told him he wouldn't be able to get insurance because of Jake's reputation.  Add it all up and you have a little boy facing an awful lot on his own and the only coping tool he has is to get high because he feels it puts him in a "better place".  I prey he gets professional help.  Granted, he did 'goof off' on the Northwestern, we can't overlook that entirely ... but was this a cry for help?  My dad was a fisherman, and believe me, advice and understanding was not all sweetness and light!  These men basically only know how to be tough - they have to be - it's the first point in the job description.  Jake needs some 'soft' in his life so he can find himself first and through this learn to be tough.  And all we can do is worry about him and love him.

Hi there! I was wondering if you happen to know where Jake H. is now at this moment? Thanx a bunch!

Danielle I am so desperate to know where Jake is and HOW he is!  I live in Nova Scotia Canada and last night I spent forever going through every web site I could think of trying to get a tidbit of news ... I even went to the White Pages for Washington State!  Nuts or what?  I hope he soon surfaces because up here we have to wait until April next year for DC on Discovery!  Do you get it sooner?  I don't know if I can get through the winter not knowing.  Pleeese let me know if you hear or see anything.  Thanks.

I feel just as you do, Linda.  I live in CA. and recognized the town of Palm Springs as the area Jake was heading to for rehab.  I, too, have been looking for info.  I kick myself because I was at the Seattle Fishermen's Festival in Sept.  Talked to and had picts taken with Capt. Sig, Nick and Jake Anderson.  Should of asked one of them how he was doing.  Hind sight is 20-20.  I, too, thought how good it would be for Jake to take him in. Living in a town of 250 people, 30 mins. to anywhere, beautiful nights, I'm sure he could just be. 

Maybe if enough people let Discovery Channel know of our concerns, they could help calm our worries.

Hey Linda S.! Have you gone on the Cornelia Marie website yet? I would go on that website and get bits of information about him. He was on Facebook and I chatted with him a bit. Then, nothing. Maybe Todd Stanley, the producer of Deadliest Catch, might know some things. He's on Facebook, too. You could also go to your search engine and type in "Where is Jake Harris of Deadliest Catch?" or "Gallery of Jake Harris Deadliest Catch". You always have to say "Jake Harris Deadliest Catch" because there is another person named Jake Harris who is a pastor/minister and his name ALWAYS comes up first! Let me know what happens, I hope you get good luck!!

Hey right back at you!  I've also thought of asking Morgan Howard but I'm a bit hesitant ... maybe after another cuppa and if my courage gets up I'll definitely let you know.


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