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The Pull

The Pull

Water. This water, ever changing but in composition, the same: water, salt, plankton, zoo plankton, minerals and tiny fragments of man-made junk. But mostly -thankfully, just water with a good dash of salt. It sluices across the deck, smashing into right angled objects, in a hurry to find its way free again. It cannot rest, not here. This is no place to stay for something as beautiful as that, no. But it’s quick and continual washing miraculously turns the stench of fishing…


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Not as He Imagined

Half way through the string, the weather is starting to get pretty sloppy. The blue green waters are turning pale with the growing whitecaps.  But they are staying out in it until the final pot clears the rail, the line is coiled, and last crab is sorted into the tank before going inside the house and letting sleep take them. How so much steel can look cozy, Darcy doesn't know. But there it is.

Seeing green water coming over the rail with greater frequency, she double-checks the large…


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We Will Remain Thirsty

Last night was the final Deadliest Catch episode for this season and I was uptight. I’ve missed a few of the shows this year but I’ve managed to catch most of them now. I wanted to watch this finale “in real time”. My usual disdain for anything reeking of consumerism and a popularity contest was not enough for me to quietly wait for it to come out on Netflix or on disc. So there it was; I really wanted to watch it. I knew I’d be missing out on the conversations that follow and to have to…


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I do it, Because…

In the end, that is why I’m here. If you ask me, I won’t be able to tell you.  I can’t say I love it but, there it is. I hunger for that edge of life feeling; where to stay awake and moving is to stay alive. The cold and the waves want to rob you of it. The man; the cannery, the captain want to wring it from you but you just keep clinging, gnawing, fighting it with every fiber of your being till after the hatch is closed behind you and you drop where…


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Just for the Money

My throat is tight. Swallowing again, I adjust my grip on the chart table. The inside the wheelhouse is quiet-except the popping static of the radio, and dark- with only the soft glow of the depth sounder, computer monitors, and the display panel for the engine room. Beads of sweat are gathering at the nape of my neck. The heaters are on full blast. Small fans push the air at the windows trying to stay ahead of the ice that is steadily building on the outside. Sludgy rivulets trace down the…


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Perfume (strictly a fiction piece)

Being at the beach should be one of the simple pleasures in life. The irony breaks a laugh from me. Craig snaps around and stares at me in the uneven light of the wheelhouse. I give his arm an awkward slap with my neoprene mittened hand and shake my head dismissively.

 We are used to wedging ourselves to keep ourselves from flopping around the boat but this is definitely a new angle. The boat lies almost on her port side, partially wedged among the black boulders on the beach. The…


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Point Made

She could still feel the heat from the wave of indignant rage that had pounded through her but her pulse was beginning to return to normal now. She licked the wound on her upper lip and wondered what it looked like. Was her blood thin, orange tinted, and watery from the spray, running down her face in rivulets or was it more like thick molasses, clotting right near the surface of each small hole. Knowing her, it was probably the later. She kept everything close, including her…


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Valentines day- sorta

(I'm getting this one ready for entry to a literary site and I could really use some feed back! Guidelines are: Must use 2 points of view, a fake or not true heart, a twist, be a Valentines- sorta, and be less than 750 words. Gak! Constructive criticism would be awesome, man! ;-)


Craig sits in the captain’s chair, his feet braced against the…


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Real short stories

I've been using as practice and these are some of the examples from that. The idea is they give you a prompt and you have 10 minutes to write.


Peace Shattered

(Prompt- use the words pressure, push and peace )


The relative peace of the day was shattered by a rogue wave that launched it's assault over the starboard stern of the boat. The monstrous wall of heavy…


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There was this guy... part 3 The Hawaiian

When you think of Polynesians, big graceful happy peaceful people come to mind. But can also have a volcanic temper when they feel their honor or the honor of a woman has been besmirched. Like all generalizations, this may work on an individual basis up to a point.

The Hawaiian that I got to know was kind of the opposite in that he was mostly volcanic with a peaceful graceful side. And after 3 months on a boat together I…


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I was ruminating on the word GEAR. If I had to choose one word that is so basic to modern day fishing, this would be it.…


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Loosing My Grip

(Please note, this is pure fiction in that I made up the characters and names)…


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full international cooperation (sorta), Bering Sea style

It seems fitting that the wide open oceans attract fishermen from all countries who seem not to care too much whose boat they are on, as long as they are on one that is making money. So it's not uncommon to have a boat full of people from all over the world. But this particular boat had an interesting mix... and I happened to be on it to witness the fun that ensued.

It was a 98 foot Bender, house forward. I seem to remember it was the last un-sponsened (widened) boat up…

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There was this guy.... part 2

I met this guy on a crab boat who made my eyes water. I couldn't tell his age but if I had to guess, it would be between 30 going on 60. He was by far, the most beat up, wrung out specimen I had ever witnessed. A halo of mongrel dog hair matted to his head, I never did see his teeth. From the stench that wafted from him, I think I'm glad. He bobbled when he walked hunched over and his hands said he'd been out there for a while.

They way he told his main story, it went like…

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There was this guy....

Maybe it's because we are all just dwarfed by the scale of things up there, but for what ever reason, names are hard to hold onto. I could dig up a few but for this purpose, I will leave them rest. What I'd like to detail here is the character that was allowed to shine... or tarnish under the unique environment of the commercial crab fishing fleet. So, in no particular order:

There was this young guy that wanted to be a rock and roll superstar working the deck of a crab…

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from eyes open to shut

Drunk with lack of sleep and heavy work in the cold, my last thoughts before I give way to dreaming are of how the motion of the boat massages your entire body. Laying down, pressed into the mattress, wedged between your dirty clothes bag on one side and the clean one on the other, completely at the ocean's mercy. The constant pull on and push against my skin is erotic, almost floating, almost feeling the intoxicating weight… Continue

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What is in a name...

(straight from my Journal)

There is something about these boats that I really like. Just listen to the names:

Notorious, Beauty Bay, Icelander, Viking Queen, Aleutian Beauty, Katrina Em, Pavlof, Ballyhoo, Spirit of the North, Patricia Lee, Diligence, High Seas, Auriga, Pacific Venture, Star Fish, Theresa Marie, Ocean Fury, Bulldog, Silver Wave, Amatuli, Rosie G, Tiffany, Silent Lady, Alaska Challenger, Massacre Bay, Pace Setter, Penguin, Bountiful, Isa-fjord,…

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"Trouble borrowed will be paid back with interest compounded on sorrow."- Dragon Lance Chronicles

I found this quote written in my journal that I kept during my time on the boats. I didn't write often. Probably because it would require solitude and steady seas. I learned quickly, you do not show physical weakness but you also show no mental weakness. Which translates into only expressing two emotions: general unspecific happiness and anger. For someone that wears her emotions on the outside, this was hard. I have always marveled at people who can switch off their feelings so they can deal… Continue

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Learning how to walk

I'm pretty good with my feet. I trained as a dancer when I was young. The home place has 17 acres running along a creek bed. When I had some pent up energy, I'd go streaking across the field, jump the fence and do a loop that took me through some pretty rugged country, trail breaking with my thighs and arms in places. My feet always knew where to land and I trusted them to do so. Imagine my surprise and merriment when confronted with their failure to secure footing for… Continue

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The First Days

Ever walked into the wrong bathroom? Turned the corner down the wrong alley? Know how you are frantically trying to figure out how to get through this one? Remember how it felt in kindergarten when a 5th grader walks by and says "I Hate You" for no apparent reason? Yeah, I had that feeling as I tried to step onto my first boat. I say try because it was tied 3 boats out and I had to transverse this distance over the multiple rails and dark gaps between, gear in…

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